Emerge Design

Most people wonder what the difference between interior design and decorating is, so I will start there.

We do more then decorating (paint and pillows), we are educated and trained in drafting, trends, finishes (what should be used in best application, for safety, wear and function), lighting, plumbing and meeting with trades onsite. When I talk about meeting trades onsite, we understand the lingo and can help support the client to make the right choices. The client can often get caught up in extra charges from the construction project, which we can help control by tracking the interior budget and selecting items that are within your means.

Our drawings are permit ready and our relationship with the city is great, this is a bonus for the client that helps move things along in a timely manner. We also have heaps of designer discounts in furniture, material, plumbing and lighting that we share with you.

At the end of the day we want to share our tremendous services. We are valuable and aspire to make a great space for you. It starts with trust and a positive relationship to build something great.

In addition we make it a fun, cheerful, personal experience!

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