Emerge Design


Gwyntie Van Tuyl Weswick


Lover of cheese, being in water and dreaming big.

Living on the Sunshine Coast is paradise! Although always focused on the task at hand, I am constantly on alert for striking architecture and design inspiration. I am also fascinated by human behaviour. At work, I can be found pacing the floor during phone calls, usually barefoot. I am ambitious, considerate and an on-point gift giver. On my days off, you can find me creating pottery, planning my next trip, or enjoying a hot cup of tea while snuggling with my husband.


Morgan Seeber


Lover of vinyl records, books and cold chocolate.

While at work you will often hear me singing a tune about the task at hand while I focused on a project’s details. Funny enough, my colleagues say I’m the wittiest team member. I love geometrics, have a great sense of humour and make all tasks look like a piece of cake! During my time off, you can find me spending time with my husband and two adorable children. Fun fact: my husband has the same first name as me… and the last! We’re Morgan Seeber and Morgan Seeber.


Natalie Chell


Lover of quiet early mornings combined with strong coffee.

I am always on board to learn new things about design and I take great pride in keeping the Emerge studio organized. Clients and colleagues say I am the calm and collected one and will surely win anyone over with my wonderful smile!

When 3pm rolls around, my sweet tooth and need for a second coffee kicks in so I make sure to answer the call for myself and my coworkers. On my days off, you can find me with my muffin-loving son or spending an embarrassing amount of time on home blogs, surfing Etsy and finding new furniture trends. Oh, and did I mention my favourite colour is pink?


Jenna Fouillard


Lover of savoury treats, a good “shinrin-yoku”, and the serenity that comes with writing.

At work and at home, my morning routine generally includes cream with a pinch of coffee. I’m told I have a great fashion sense, a strong moral compass, and am high-spirited, determined, positive, and keep everyone smiling. My summers are spent soaking up the sun on the beach or on our boat. In winter, I enjoy catching up on my favourite TV series of the moment. On weekend evenings, you’ll find me immersed with friends and family, feet up and glass of wine in hand.