Emerge Design


Gwyntie Van Tuyl Weswick


Lover of cheese, being in water and dreaming big.

Living on the Sunshine Coast is her paradise! Beside from designing her other favorite activity is snuggling with her hubby with a hot cup of tea. Although focused on the current task at hand she is always looking around, specifically architecture and observing people’s behaviors. While at work she can be found pacing during phone calls, usually bare foot. She is ambitious, considerate and is a superb gift giver. On her days off you can find her creating pottery or planning the next trip.


Morgan Seeber


Lover of vinyl records, books and cold chocolate.

During her time off you can find her spending time with her adorable son and husband who also happens to have the same first name…and the last! While at work you will often hear her singing a tune about her task at hand while focused on the project details. She is our witty team member that loves geometrics, has a great sense of humor and makes all tasks look like a piece of cake!


Natalie Chell


Lover of quiet early mornings combined with strong coffee.

On her days off, you can find her with her muffin-loving son or spending an embarrassing amount of time on home blogs, surfing Etsy and finding the new furniture trends. She is always on board to learn, keeps the office in constant organization, and her wonderful smile will be sure to win you over. When 3pm rolls around, her sweet tooth & need for a second coffee kicks in and she makes sure the office gets their sugary fix. Oh and did we mention her favourite colour is pink? She is our calm and collected gal of the office.


Jenna Fouillard


Lover of savory treats, a good shinrin-yoku and finds serenity in writin. Spends her weekend evenings immersed with friends and family kicking up her feet with a glass of wine.

Her summers are spent soaking up the sun while boating or on the beach, and catching up on favorite TV series during the winter. At work and home her morning routine generally consists of a pinch of coffee with cream. Jenna has a great fashion sense with a strong moral compass, she is high-spirited, determined, positive, and continues to keep us smiling.